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Scion A/C Condenser

Summer heat and humidity can certainly be a strain on the parts that make up the air conditioning system of your vehicle, including your Scion AC condenser. However, it is not only the summer that is difficult on your Scion AC condenser. The winter months take their toll, as well, and that toll can be a significant one when it comes to the more delicate of the metal parts that make up your Scion AC condenser. Your Scion AC condenser is located at the front of the engine compartment, usually between the grill and the radiator. It needs to be in this position, because it relies on the flow of air that passes through the grill when the vehicle is in motion to help it in the process of dissipating the heat contained in the coolant that circulates through the fins of the Scion AC condenser, via metal tubing. These metal parts, the fins and the tubing, are vulnerable to road splash that enters through the grill and from underneath the vehicle, road splash that, during the winter months, is often contaminated with melted road salt, known to contribute to the formation of rust. If rust sets in, it can eat away at the fins, even causing them to break off, and it can eat away at the tubing of the Scion AC condenser, causing leaks. After a harsh winter, it is possible that by the time summer rolls around, your Scion AC condenser may unable to do its part to keep your vehicle cool. If your Scion AC condenser has failed, or is on the verge of failure, you can find the correct replacement for your original unit in our online catalog, which features a full selection of Scion parts and accessories, all easy to order online or via our toll-free telephone number.