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Accidents and collisions are a part of driving. So make sure your car is equipped with a Seat Belt to keep you from flying off your seat when it happens.
Flimsy as it may seem, your vehicle's seat belt plays a significant role in your driving safety. When you use a seat belt, you're five times safer than when you don't wear it. Isn't this benefit enough for you to use the seat belt on the road?
There are actually several kinds of seat belts for automotives. The seat belt in your vehicle is the standard three-point belt. This car seat belt uses one continuous line of durable material to comfortably strap your body to the seat. This belt is designed to go over your pelvis, chest, and shoulders, to hold back more of your body during sudden stops and collisions. And although seat belts aren't guaranteed to save lives, wearing these significantly increases your chances of survival during vehicular accidents. By harnessing your body against the seat, a seat belt can prevent your head from cracking against your vehicle's dashboard or windshield.
Safety should always be your first priority. Equip your vehicle with a complete set of reliable seat belts. Properly wearing these belts is also important to ensure protection. If you want to be sure with the quality of your vehicle's seat belts, trust those that come from our store. Our store offers a wide array of safety parts and accessories because just like you, we want your ride to be safe.

Seat Belt Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Seat Belt

    It's a sad day when people start to see the seat belt as prohibitive instead of protective. Many people think that accidents are nasty things that happen to other driversafter all, the odds seem to support that mindset. The question is: are you really willing to risk the lives of those you love and yourself by ignoring a simple yet extremely effective safety measure? That's especially considering that they are the easiest things in the world to engage. The numbers are in, by the way. Since its introduction in 1946, the seat belt has been saving lives in increasing numbers all over the world.

    The standard is the now-familiar three-point belt. It is a product of uniting the lap and sash belt into one cohesive unit, and is a required feature of every automobile released in the past few years. The reason they named it a three-point belt is due to the fact that it is attached via three main points: two on the car frame itself and one near or on the seat. This type of seat belt is effective because it distributes the energy of a blow to the car across the chest, pelvis, and shoulders evenly. That means that no single part of your body has to absorb the full impactavoiding potentially fatal damage.

    Like any component in your car, this safety device has a lot more going for it than just the actual "belt". Some of the seat belt parts you need to keep an eye on include the retractor, the adjuster, the tongue and buckle combination, the anchoring points, andof coursethe elastic webbed belt itself. All these parts have to be in perfect working conditionelse the whole system fails. Luckily, considering how much they matter, finding high-quality parts for your seat belt is easymany great companies produce some of the most reliable in the market.

  • Seat Belt: Just the Facts

    Isn't it amazing how a thin piece of fabric can end up being the difference between life and death? Wearing a seat belt prevents physical injury and thus increases your chances of survival in the event of a major accident on the road. As part of your vehicle's safety system, a seat belt significantly reduces the risk of injury by restricting the passenger's movement in cases of collisions and accidents. To ensure reliability, a typical car seat belt is equipped with locking mechanisms or inertia reels that tighten the belt when pulled quickly. When the vehicle suddenly stops, the seat belt tightens and prevents the occupant from hitting the vehicle's dashboard and windshield. So when you find that your vehicle's seat belt starts to show signs of deterioration, don't hesitate to get the belt replaced. Click over to our catalog and see the seat belt replacement units we have in store for you.

    • For strength and durability, the webbing used for seat belts is usually made from polyester or nylon.

    • Seat belts commonly used in vehicles are called three-point belts. This type of seat belt uses one continuous length of webbing, an inertia reel, and a locking mechanism.

    • Nearly half of the states in the US currently enforce laws for seat belt use during driving.