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Your ride's brakes, wheels, and transmissions are among your ride's most important systems and components. So when you need components for these assemblies, you shouldn't settle for less, or else, you'll be compromising your ride's performance. Why not put your trust in Seiken Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.? Founded in 1959, this company was originally the laboratory for brake and brake fluid of Meiji Sangyo Company. Since 1933, this company, which was later on named Meiji Shokai, has been importing brake parts and later on started to manufacture them. The company's motto is "Quality First" and that's what leads it and its Seiken brand in producing reliable automotive products not just in Japan but across the globe as well.

Living up to its motto, the company as managed to become what it is now. At present, it is renowned for developing piston seals, brake cup, and brake fluids, therefore supplying vehicle owners with products that best match stock components. Seiken is also known for supplying rubber cups and seals to almost all automakers in the world via cylinder makers. This means, its products is used in virtually all vehicles in the world today. Seiken also has an aluminum part factory that supplies different types of aluminum parts like Seiken clutch slave cylinder and other automotive cylinders, compressor parts, pistons, and many others.

The company believes that your ride's brake hose must have the flexibility and ability to maintain liquid pressure, so you can be sure that the Seiken brake hose is capable of doing that and more. It is made from high-quality materials so as not to get damaged easily by pebbles, sand, oil, ozone, and other elements. The Seiken wheel cylinder is equally reliable because its designers want it to be capable enough of controlling brake shoes by liquid pressure from a master cylinder.