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If what you need for your ride are body-structure stampings, frames, and other components like pressure plates and release bearings, Seojin is the company to trust. Known globally as Tower International, this company is recognized as the worldwide manufacturer of structural metal components and assemblies especially for the automotive market. The company believes that the capabilities competitive cost structure of its products as well as diversification of customers are among the factors that make Seojin well-known internationally, especially in European OEMS. Aside from extensive product portfolio, the company is able to supply its customers with products that will sure last long in service.

Seojin pressure plate, for example, is made from finest-quality materials to make it capable enough of pushing your ride's clutch disc against the continuously spinning flywheel. Since it is the friction between the flywheel and the clutch disc that allows the engine torque to drive the wheels, it is necessary that your pressure plate is efficient and durable enough. Seojin also offers OE replacement pressure plates, which ensure perfect fit and easy installation. These are ideal for DIYers out there because they no longer need to spend a great deal of their time in getting the pressure plate installed in their ride.

When it comes to release bearings, Seojin also has the best choices for you. Compared to its competitors, release bearing from this company is more efficient in reducing friction between the ball bearing and collar assembly. Seojin release bearing is pack with clean and quality lubricant. Along with the company's pressure plate, this release bearing is also offered with 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty. It also guarantees OE-fit. In addition, the company makes sure that health, safety, and environment are considered during the manufacturing of its products. So, you are assured with quality products without any compromise.