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Shock Yourself with New Shocks

The shocks of the vehicle are very essential in the suspension since these soften the shock impact and decrease the kinetic energy, which keeps the car intact and out of harm. Replacing your worn-out shock absorbers can definitely improve the performance of your vehicle. If you think that it's about time to install new ones, don't think twice. Doing the job is just as easy as 1, 2, 3 and you don't need expert help. With this guide, you're good to go.

Required skill level: Novice

Needed tools and materials

  • Lug wrench
  • Allen wrenched
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Socket wrench kit
  • New shocks
  • Preparation process

    Even though this is an easy job, make sure that you wear safety gear to avoid any injury. Wear gloves and closed-toe shoes. Also, make sure that you work on a level surface.

    Raise and remove

    Before working on the shocks, you have to raise the vehicle to be able to install them without problems. Get the jack, lift up the rear end of the car and set it on jack stands. Using the lug wrench, take out the tires. With a socket wrench, loosen up the bolts to be able to remove the rear suspension arm. Take out the sway bar that is attached to it.

    Remove some more

    To take out the spring cup, push it down. This technique would make it easier to do. Remember that the spring cup is found just underneath the assembly. Take out the rubber bump stops from the spring cup as well. The shocks are equipped with bracing that support the top part. Make sure that you remove this using the socket wrench. After, take out the lower end of the shock absorber.

    Installation of the new shocks

    To install the new shocks, you have to reverse the steps. Make sure to use an Allen wrench to set the tension on the sway bar. Mount the tires back on your vehicle and remove the jack stands. Slowly lower the car from the jack and you can now drive your automobile with new shocks!

    Shocks Articles

    • KYB or Monroe: Which Shock Shall You Get?

      Shock absorbers are basically meant to smooth out the shock impulse and lessen the kinetic energy. If yours are already worn out, then replacing them with new ones would be a good idea. There are two brands that are well known when it comes to quality shocks: KYB and Monroe. If you can't decide on which one, then here's a guide to help you choose.

      Product options

      In terms of product range, KYB offers about 3,274 options that you can choose from, while Monroe only has 2,484. With a difference of almost a thousand other choices, you surely have a lot of shock absorbers to choose from with KYB.


      Performance on the road

      KYB shocks are made from high-quality materials that ensure great efficiency on the road. They also meet the OE specification to recapture control and better handling on your car. On the other hand, Monroe shocks are air adjustable and are ideal for trailers or heavy-duty vehicles. These surely improve the handling of the truck and ensure great durability.

      WINNER: KYB and Monroe

      Price matters

      There's a notion among consumers that the more expensive a product is, the better its performance. However, that's not true most of the time. There are a lot of affordable brands out there that work even better than pricey ones. The cheapest shock absorber of KYB is priced at around $60, while around $57 for Monroe. But it basically depends on the kind of shock absorber you choose because both these brands provide better performance for your car or truck.

      WINNER: KYB and Monroe


      When it comes to warranty, KYB has Lifetime Limited Warranty and Monroe also has Lifetime Limited Warranty. Therefore, both brands have great warranties.

      WINNER: KYB and Monroe

      The verdict

      Both KYB and Monroe may have tied in the majority of the characteristics, but KYB is higher by one point because of its larger product range. Though KYB won, we can say that these two brands are two of the greatest options that any car owner could make. They improve the performance of the vehicle, provide better handling, have great warranty, and you surely get your money's worth. So if you're choosing between these two, it all depends on which one you think will suit your car best.