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Short Ram Intake

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Using a short ram intake or short ram air intake is one of the most effective ways of enhancing your engine's performance. What this aftermarket air intake does is it increases airflow into your engine bay. By doing so, this performance component helps improve fuel combustion, allowing your engine to generate more power and to work more efficiently. Through enabling a complete and clean fuel burn, this air intake also helps in enhancing your vehicle's fuel economy. That way, you can be sure that your vehicle is making good use of every last drop of fuel in your tank. Sow how exactly does the short ram intake work? Well, to introduce more air into your engine, this aftermarket product replaces your original air intake system with a conical air filter and a short pipe. If your engine has restrictive intake piping, then this setup should enable more air to move through your engine bay and into your intake manifold. To further improve its performance, this system may also use of a heat shield, thereby ensuring that your engine's air supply is kept as cool as possible. A heat shield counterbalances any adverse effects caused by the close proximity of your short ram intake to your heated engine. Because of the efficiency of this particular product, most drivers with forced induction engines prefer the use of this type of air intake over other airflow-improving aftermarket performance components.

Short Ram Intake Articles

  • Short Ram Intake: Help in Installing a New One

    The short ram intake of your vehicle basically substitutes for the stock intake to decrease the temperature of the engine and increase the amount of airflow into the combustion chamber. This greatly improves the torque, horsepower, and gas mileage of the automobile. If your short ram intake has worn out, then don't hesitate installing a new one. With this simple guide, you'll surely be able to mount a new one in an hour or two.

    Required skill level: Intermediate

    Needed tools and materials:

    1. Socket set
    2. Eye protection
    3. Flathead screwdriver
    4. Torque wrench
    5. Water shield
    6. Short ram intake system kit

    Getting a new short ram intake

    Before you install a new short ram intake on your vehicle, make sure that it has been approved for use on your make and model. This way, you won't have to experience future hassles when driving. Also, see to it if you need to purchase any additional components like hose clamps before you take out the old short ram intake.

    Removal and uninstalling of parts

    Before installing the short ram intake, make sure to take out the car battery. This way, your vehicle's onboard computer would reset to the new one. Also, this will give you more space to work with. Remember to wear eye protection whenever you work near the car battery. Uninstall the previous short ram intake. Usually, you can uninstall it by removing the bolts of the old one from the block and by taking out the tube and unplugging the MAF or the maximum air flow sensors.

    Installing the new short ram intake

    Now, it's time to install the main piping for the short ram intake. Do this by tightening the hose clamps at each end of the throttle's body. Make sure that the rubber mounting is secured in place; this depends on the style of the short ram intake system that you bought. Connect the breather hose, MAF sensors, and tube to the newly installed short ram intake. Mount the new air filter, as well. Tighten the clamps using the flathead screwdriver and connect the battery back.

    Testing the short ram intake

    Stick the key into the ignition and rev up the engine a few times. Check if you hear any strange noises that could mean wrong installation. If it's properly installed, you should hear a slightly loud sound coming from the engine because of the increase in combustion in the engine block.