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Trucks are designed for heavy-duty applications but despite this fact, they are no match for extreme snow and ice covered roads. To improve traction, what most truck owners do is to put bags of sand, cement, mud, etc. just to get the rear heavy enough to avoid sliding or slipping while driving over icy roads. Although such temporary solutions work but sadly, they are not that effective. The rear wheels still slides plus there is also very little room for cargoes to put into due to the numerous bags of sand and cement that was used as weights. And this is where ShurTrax comes in.

The company is a manufacturer of traction weight, a truck bed weight product comprising of a 400-pound water-filler bladder. This product spreads weight evenly on the bed and still leaves ample space for other cargoes. It also can bear 500 pounds of weight load. It makes use of highly durable 25 mil vinyl outer chamber that is not easily punctured so there's no threat of it bursting or leaking. Its UV resistant and made even more stronger with its woven nylon mesh that guarantees long years of usage. The inner chamber of the traction weight is also 25 mil is highly flexible and bends when cornering. It's baffled to prevent sloshing.

ShurTrax traction weight is very easy to use. All you need is to fill it up with water from your garden hose then secure it to your truck using a four point grommet tie-downs that comes with the product. Using this traction weight your vehicle will achieve better handling, becomes safer when cornering, and gain better traction especially on slippery roads.