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Siemens VDO Automotive AG is one of the world's largest suppliers of automotive electronics. The company was the result of a merger between Siemens Automotive AG and Mannesmann VDO. Its product lineup includes ABS electronics, fuel tank systems, access control systems as well as other products for chassis and car body that enhances safety and performance.

Race Pages has for years been serving the brand's growing list of satisfied shoppers around the world offering high quality Siemens TPMS sensor and Siemens fuel injector. What makes these products different from the rest? First off, they are produced by one of the best manufacturers in the world using only the most technologically advanced machines handled by professionally trained individuals who are experts on auto safety and performance.

TPMS system is important for today's drivers since it enables to keep track of the tire's pressure as well as its temperature with just a simple press on a button. This enhances safety and at the same time improves fuel economy. The TPMS provides real times information on the tires' temperature and pressure translated into both visual and audio alerts. The fuel injector on the other hand, is designed to measure accurately the right amount of fuel for combustion. By doing such, fuel economy is enhanced and emission is lessened.