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Not for the faint of heart, Skunk2 cam components can take your performance buildup to a whole new level

By eliminating the compromised strut suspension on your vehicle, Skunk2 coilovers can bring world class handling to your sport compact

All stainless construction in a flow-through configuration goes into each Skunk2 exhaust system

Get rid of the final restriction in your intake by adding a Skunk2 intake manifold to your sport compact car

If you're into sport compacts, the term VTEC is magic for you. The guys who designed the Skunk2 cam feel the same way, which is why they tore into Honda's high-revving sweetheart to see if they could make it even better. Guess what? Just like all street engines, the VTEC motor was designed with some compromises. The Skunk2 cam can remove a few of them, a lot of them, or all of them, depending upon how far you want to go. Of course, your first answer is as far as possible, but the Stage III Skunk2 cam is really designed strictly for all-out racing engines. The Stage I and Stage II Skunk2 cam sets are much more streetable, so if you have to use your car to get to work and back, they're your best choices. The Stage I Skunk2 cam can even be used with stock valvetrain components, though upgrading to higher strength parts is recommended with any Skunk2 cam installation. Oh, and there's also a Skunk2 cam designed for you forced induction fans, so if you've got a turbo or a blower on your Honda or Acura, you can get even more power by installing the special turbo Skunk2 cam. So, back to our original question: How far do you want to go? Sure, a Skunk2 cam installation requires a lot more work than a cat-back exhaust or cold air intake. But if you've gone as far as you can go with simple bolt-ons and you still crave more, a Skunk2 cam setup will take you the rest of the way down the track.

If handling is your thing, then moving to a coilover suspension system has probably crossed your mind before. Skunk2 coilovers offer an easy and cost effective method of gaining the coilover advantage on your import or sport compact vehicle. But let's back up: For those of you who don't know, Skunk2 coilovers replace your stock strut suspension setup with a more precise unit comprised of a shock absorber inside of a coil springhence the name coilover. Skunk2 coilovers maintain a precise ride track much more effectively than the stock strut suspension system, resulting in better handling, cornering, and even ride quality, without compromising tire life or safety. An added bonus is that Skunk2 coilovers aren't all that difficult to install, either. You need to have the proper spring compressors, but once you understand the system, you'll find that your Skunk2 coilovers are remarkably well engineered from both a handling perspective and an installation perspective. And Skunk2 coilovers are available for a wide variety of import and sport compact vehicles, from luxury vehicles like the Acura TL to factory race cars like the Subaru WRX. Remember, your car is only as good as its handling will let it be, so give that stock strut suspension the heave-ho. Skunk2 coilovers can transform the suspension performance of your vehicle.

Nothing is better for your exhaust system than stainless steel, which is why every Skunk2 exhaust system is constructed of nothing but stainless. There's no option for mild steel or aluminized tubing because it's not the best, and the Skunk2 exhaust system is designed to be the best. As a cat back design, the Skunk2 exhaust system bolts on directly behind the catalytic converter on your vehicle. This type of setup has the huge advantage of being fully emissions-legal, so you don't have to worry about inspections or testing problems in your region. A cat back Skunk2 exhaust system is by far the easiest and longest lasting way to get wide open exhaust gas flow without tampering with your vehicle's pollution controls. Mandrel bent tubing is used throughout the Skunk2 exhaust system because by mandrel bending the pipe, the proper diameter is maintained throughout the curve. Other manufacturers use standard bending equipment that can reduce the pipe diameter by as much as 30% in a bend. Finally, the Skunk2 exhaust system is terminated into a high-flow stainless muffler that looks as good as it sounds. The low restriction Mega Power muffler used on every Skunk2 exhaust system has a huge 102mm polished tip and comes with the Skunk2 exhaust system badge etched into the metal. You can even get the entire Skunk2 exhaust system in a polished version if you enjoy the show as much as the go. Check to see if there's a Skunk2 exhaust system for your application: Most popular imports are covered, as well as a handful of domestic sport compact vehicles.