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In order for relationships to work there ought to be a spark between two individuals. This spark will fire up the feelings until it turned into love. Without that certain spark, no relationship will transpire. The same thing happens to the engine, without the spark no combustion will happen. The vehicle will fail to start. This is where a distributor comes in. The distributor is responsible for distributing the spark to the spark plugs. A malfunctioning distributor will immobilize the vehicle. So make sure to use only a reliable distributor like the one from SNAP's. SNAP is an acronym for "Strictly New Auto Parts", which is an American owned company with over 25 years of experience as a manufacturer of high quality distributors.

SNAP distributor is made only from the highest quality OE components and comes complete with cap and rotor. It is produced to exceed manufacturer's specifications for quality and wear performance. This has what helped the brand to survive for over 25 years and to become the most sought after distributor product in the world.

Race Pages is honored to be a partner of SNAP in the distribution of its topnotch distributors. For years, we have without fail, been filling up orders for the customers of this brand around the world. We have also provided excellent customer support service that further boosts the brand's sales. We do all these with dedication because we believe in the quality of SNAP's products.