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The oxygen sensor is a device that measures the mixture of oxygen to fuel. The information gathered by this device is then forwarded to the fuel control computer in the vehicle that decides on whether to increase or decrease the amount of oxygen in the exhaust manifold or not. Such important role calls for a high quality type of oxygen sensor, one that is known for durability and reliability - more like the SNG oxygen sensor.

SNG is a manufacturer of exhaust control systems, catalyst oxygen sensor, throttle position sensors, flow meters and sensors, and crankshaft position sensors. This brand is renowned the world over for its high quality and excellent performance. It make use of only the best quality materials for its products crafted to perfection using only the latest manufacturing technology that are handled by the most qualified personnel that ensures that every product comes out at par with the quality set by the brand before these products roll out of the plant.

SNG is not also behind in the customer support department. It has always strive to make sure that all of its customers' needs are met whether it's about delivery of products or answering questions - all these and more are efficiently handled by the brand.