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Speedometer Sensor

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Of the many devices found on your vehicle's dashboard, the speedometer is probably what you look at most often. As its name implies, the speedometer displays your vehicle's instantaneous speed.Eddy-current speedometers used to be the norm in automobiles, but these days, the use of electronic speedometers is becoming more common. An electronic speedometer measures vehicle speed with the help of a speedometer sensor. This sensor, usually located at the transmission, detects the driveshaft's rotational speed.The sensor delivers a corresponding series of pulses to a computer, which in turn turns these pulses into the numerical figure the speedometer indicates. So when the speedometer sensor becomes defective, the speedometer becomes unreliable as well. When this happens, it is recommended that you replace the faulty sensor right away.Carparts is the right store to purchase your vehicle's next speedometer sensor from. Here, rest assured that you can purchase the sensor you want at a low price.

• Reliably measures your vehicle's real-time speed

• Invaluable to the speedometer's functions

• Designed to last longer than its aftermarket counterparts