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Cold Air Intake by Spyder

Spyder Cold Air Intake: The Best of Its Features

You heard somewhere that getting a cold air intake for your vehicle can improve its engine performance and fuel mileage. So, you go around asking car junkies which cold air intake is best to purchase. Some were stubborn enough to tell you that this aftermarket component never really works-it does nothing to your vehicle. This leads to your doubting its effectiveness. However, there were also some who were confident enough to recommend specific products. Among the top choices that came up was the Spyder cold air intake. If you're wondering what makes this product a popular option, then you're in luck because here's a quick run-through of the benefits that you can derive from it:

What makes it effective: This product is designed to allow maximum airflow into the stock manifold system to maintain a low temperature. This becomes possible because of the cotton-gauze air filter in this product. The Spyder cold air intake also comes with an oiled filter, which is capable of capturing more dirt particles. Thus, the engine is subjected to less heat and contaminants, causing the combustion process to be more efficient. Because of these, a better throttle response and a gain in horsepower are achieved. The vehicle also becomes more fuel efficient due to the proper burning of fuel.

Where it works best: Generally, a Spyder cold air intake works best with compact cars. It also has a direct fit, which would give you little or no trouble in matching it with your car.

How to keep it clean and efficient: You might get anxious about the cotton-gauze filter and oiled filter found in a Spyder cold air intake. You might think that they can cause problems in your vehicle once they start getting filthy due to accumulated dust and dirt. However, this is something that you don't need to fuss about. These filters are actually washable and re-usable. The oiled filter, for instance, can easily be cleaned by applying a simple cleaning solution and then rinsing it with water. Allow it to dry and don't forget to re-apply the filter oil. What you should seriously be careful about is the possibility of hydrolocking. Make sure that your Sypder cold air intake is protected from water by securing a splash shield. A plastic shield placed between the filter and the ground will do as well.

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Spyder Cold Air Intake Articles

  • What You Can Get from a Spyder Cold Air Intake

    Spyder cold air intake has started to move up the ranks and become a reliable aftermarket product. It is designed with excellent features that contribute to reach maximum airflow, which results in an increase in the engine's power by 5 to 10 percent. Better fuel mileage can also be expected upon installing this component. Its tube is made of aluminum-a light yet sturdy material that conducts heat and resists corrosion very well. The Spyder cold air intake is also equipped with a cotton-gauze filter material. All these things sound so impressive, but can this product really be of any good to your vehicle? Below are the ratings for the Spyder cold air intake, which could help you decide if it's well worth your cash:

    How well does it do its job? (4/5 stars)

    This cold air intake was tested on a Honda Accord, and there was definitely an increase in power. This is due to the washable cotton-gauze filter, which allows better and smoother airflow. Fuel mileage and throttle response also had noticeable improvements. The engine seemed to work more efficiently than usual, causing a decrease in fuel consumption. A nice purr was also heard from the Accord-one of the benefits that you would admire from the Spyder cold air intake. With these things considered, this product gets a four out of five rating for its performance.

    Can a DIYer easily perform its installation? (3/5 stars)

    This component is pretty easy to install. So, yes, a DIYer can take on this job. However, the challenge lies in taking off the other parts. You need to store a lot of patience during the disassembly because it could really eat up so much of your time. The product also comes with an instructional manual, which could be a bit difficult to understand but nonetheless helpful. So when it comes to installation, the Spyder cold air intake is given a three out of five rating.

    Is it worth the cost? (4/5 stars)

    If you are going to consider how much you will be spending to improve your car's performance, installing a Spyder cold air intake is a relatively cheap investment. And with the advantages of this product, it is sure to be worth your money. So in terms of price, the Spyder cold air intake earns four out of five stars.

    Overall rating: 3.67/5