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The SS brakes and the SS brakes caliper that Race Pages is offering are products of Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation. This company is renowned for being the first to produce stainless steel sleeved caliper, which was installed in the classic Corvette and Mustangs in the year 1975. It's because of this that the company has ever since become the epitome for high quality brake systems and components in the industry.

Just like the great companies in the world with success stories starting from humble beginnings, the story of Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation is not an exemption. It started out as a small business that flourishes after conquering all the obstacles along the way. After all the trials it has been able to succeed and is now thriving in its 2nd generation of family ownership. The company is currently located in Clarence, NY and has been able to add 15,000 square feet of new facilities.

The secret behind the unwavering success of Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation is its dedication to provide its customers with the best braking technology. For decades the company has continuously innovated to improve its capabilities which will enable them to come up with better standards for new products as well as to enhance further products that they are already offering in the market such as their famous brake calipers. The aluminum calipers are the signature line of Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation. It was in the later part of 1990's when the company has made the introduction of the calipers. And ever since has been the preferred choice for use on muscle cars, street rods and customs, late model performance vehicles, trucks/SUVs and even sport compacts.