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Early models of vehicles have most of their weights at the rear. A great deal of the weight is attributed with the engine mounted at the rear. Steering was simple then, it was just a matter of turning the tiller to manipulate the entire front axle. However, when the engine was transferred to the front of the vehicle that's when things become complex especially in terms of the steering system. Due to the demands of that goes with the new engine set up, steering system manufacturers such as SST has come up with products that will answer the call of the modern automotive age.

The brand has released top-of-the-line products such as its very own branded oil cooler hose, power steering such hose, and suspension hose. These array of hose products are the best available. These hoses are manufactured to exceed manufacturers' specifications for durability and wear performance. In short, these hoses are capable of enduring extreme pressures and temperatures. It can be noted that one of the common causes of vehicular failures are leaks due to punctured hoses, if you use SST's branded hoses you'll never worry about such problem ever again.

SST's quality hoses are made from only the most highly durable materials available and then manufactured using only the latest manufacturing technology. The entire production process is handled by a highly trained personnel that ensures the quality of every hose product that rolls out of the plant.