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A 3-Step Guide to Steel Wheel Installation

Proper maintenance of your vehicle's tire assembly is vital to keep the badass appearance and the top-notch performance of your four-wheeled companion. Taking care of your vehicle's tire assembly involves the correct handling and maintenance of the steel wheel, which is probably the second most exposed part of the assembly next to the tires. But because of constant exposure to harmful elements like road dirt, moisture, and frequent temperature changes, the steel wheels may accumulate rust and eventually corrode. In case your steel wheels are beyond repair and need to be replaced, here is a guide to help you with the installation.

Required skill level: Novice

Needed tools and materials

  • New steel wheels
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Tire iron
  • Valve stem remover
  • Pliers
  • Lubricant
  • Preparing the vehicle

    Make sure your vehicle is parked on a flat surface. Engage the parking brake. Loosen the tire's lug nuts using the tire iron but do not to remove them completely. Lift your vehicle using the floor jack and properly position the jack stands underneath to secure your vehicle. Take out the lug nuts from the tire assembly and pull the tire away from the vehicle.

    Removing the old steel wheel

    Depress the valve pin to deflate the tire. After that, use the valve stem remover to take out the valve stem. Re-using the valve stem is not advisable so just buy a new one. Lay the tire on the ground and step on each of the outer edges of the tire. Jump up and down until the tire bead breaks away from the old steel wheel. Use the handle of the pliers to completely remove the tire. Remember to put a lubricant on the handle-end of the pliers to facilitate easier removal of the tire from the steel wheel.

    Installing the new steel wheel

    Take the new steel wheel and position the tire over it. Make sure that the lip of the tire is properly aligned to the new steel wheel before forcing it back in place. Secure the tire bead and slowly inflate the tire. Put the new valve stem in place. Check if the tire is securely attached to the new steel wheel. After that, re-install the tire and tighten the lug nuts. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the tire assemblies. Remove the jack stands and put the vehicle down.

    Tips and warnings

    • In removing the tires from the steel wheels, remember not to use a screwdriver or any sharp object. Using these tools will definitely damage the inner tube.
    • If you are replacing the steel wheels to upgrade your vehicle's appearance, check the size of your tires and your new steel wheels. Make sure that they are compatible.
    • When you remove the tires from the old steel wheels, check if they are still in good shape or if they already need to be replaced.