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You can tell from the name Street Performance how its automotive products can increase vehicle performance on the streets.

Want to know the secret of the vehicle of your closest neighbor? Experience a Street Performance auto part.

Every Street Performance automotive component is designed for excellence and perfection, a promise you can count on.

Bring the best out of your auto with Street Performance automotive parts that are tested for efficiency and dependability.

Generally, there are three types of car owners. There are car owners that are already contended with the performance of their vehicles. Others want to squeeze more out of the internal combustion engine and dedicate most of their time taking to car experts and enthusiasts to dig in the latest technology that could make the engine perform better. On the other hand, there are car owners who prefer spending some time thinking of the best and unique ways to perk up the bearing of their vehicles. Perking up the appearance of a vehicle does not necessarily imply adding auto accessories mounted at the exterior of the vehicle. In more ways than one, you can transform the look of the engine with engine accessories that are primarily designed for enhancing engine performance. When it comes to attempting a whole new look for an internal combustion engine, nothing beats a Street Performance coil cover. Because of the ugly look the engine motors along with the ignition coils above the valve covers, the Street Performance has devised a way on how to better the current appearance of the engine with a coil cover. Street Performance coil covers available in the auto market today are made from machined high grade billet aluminum and coated with fabulous finishing. It might spark your interest in having a Street Performance coil cover for your own to learn that it is relatively very easy to install. Now is the best time to have a Street Performance coil cover.

If you are already amazed of the performance of your vehicle in terms of horsepower, speed, acceleration and torque, what more can you feel if you have a Street Performance throttle body spacer that could spell a whole lot of difference with the current vehicle that you have. As a performance auto part, the Street Performance throttle body spacer eliminates leakage of air which robs some horsepower from your engine. The Street Performance throttle body spacer is built based on the concept of attaining the ideal air flow to support the engine combustion processes for the purpose of enhancing the amount of horsepower available for powering your ride. The Street Performance throttle body spacer is able to produce unrestricted air flow in and out of the engine, the result of which becomes very evident in the horsepower generated by the engine. The secret of the Street Performance throttle body spacer lies in the ideal fuel and air mixture burning process inside the engine chamber. When fuel is efficiently burnt, the level of airflow is increased which is noted by the onboard computer. It is then the engine management system takes the corrective measures on the ratio of fuel and air being fed into the engine. Apart from enhancing the efficiency of the combustion processes for an optimum engine performance, the Street Performance throttle body spacer also aims to prolong the service life of essential vehicle components including the emission control system which houses the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor.

One of the most affordable ways to increase engine performance is providing it with a Street Performance cold air intake. In much the same way that you can appreciate cool air blowing towards you after soaking in the sun, the engine system needs cool air to take a breather after long hours of internal combustion work. You can only guess how hot it can become in the engine compartment as a result of the fuel and air mixture internal burning processes and how it can be easily absorbed by the metal engine components which is not at all helpful in the kind of work the engine does just to power your ride. Lurking under the hood is a component that robs some of the horsepower which should be intended only for powering your ride. The airbox and the air filter is restricting the flow of air which could prevent cool air from entering the engine and failing to let the warm or hot air out of the engine. The Street Performance cold air intake is ideally constructed of smoothened interior of intake passages and less restrictive air filter to supply cooler, denser air to the engine to be mixed with fuel available for internal combustion. The cooler and denser the air delivered to the engine, the greater the horsepower it can produce. A plus factor that could make you want the Street Performance cold air intake more is the fact that it could enhance the aesthetics of the engine bay.