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Subaru A/C Condenser

Your Subaru AC condenser is an essential part of your air conditioning system, and when it is not performing as it should, you will not have the comfortable coolness that relieves the heat and humidity of summer. This essential part is made up of smaller metal parts that cab be easily damaged, and are frequently the source of faulty performance in a Subaru AC condenser. In your Subaru AC condenser, there is metal tubing winding through a network of what are called fins, which serve to help dissipate the heat, bringing the temperature of the coolant that circulates through the tubing down and sending the heat out into the air. The fins are vulnerable to damage from road debris, such as gravel and small rocks, striking them, breaking them off. The wind blown debris that passes through the grill, carried on the air that is essential to the cooling functions of your Subaru AC condenser, including dirt, leaves, insects, and the like, can coat the fins, reducing their effectiveness, trapping the heat, rather than allowing it to escape. The elements, rain and snow, and well as road splash, contaminated with corrosive salt, can contribute to rust forming on the fins, and causing them to break off, as well as on the metal tubing, eating away at it until leaks form. At this point, the effectiveness of your Subaru AC condenser will likely enter into a downward spiral, gradually becoming worse until it no longer serves its purpose in any meaningful way. If your Subaru AC condenser has reached this point, you can order an affordable replacement for your failed original, a quality part that will perform reliably and well, from our online catalog, either online of via our toll-free telephone number.