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Subaru Air Filter

If that tough vehicle has begun to falter when placed under strain, perhaps your Subaru air filter is clogged, choking off its power. If you let the small things go, bigger problems can result. After all as the old saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That rugged vehicle can really lose a lot of that reliable performance it is designed to provide due to the neglect of a simple paper Subaru air filter. The engine needs a precise balance of both air and fuel to run well, the mixture of the two making engine combustion possible. If the mixture is not correct, too much or too little of either, the engine cannot function efficiently. A clogged Subaru air filter can affect the amount of air allowed to flow into the engine, throwing off the balance of the air and fuel mixture and causing the engine to run rich. The air that your engine uses flows through the Subaru air filter on its way to the engine to intercept debris that could be abrasive and wear away at vital engine parts. As it cleans the air, the Subaru air filter collects this debris on its surface. If left unchanged for a lengthy period, the Subaru air filter will eventually become covered completely with this dirt and dust, and the air will have difficulty passing through to the engine. This lack of air can cause problems such as reduced engine power and increased fuel consumption among others. The quick and easy change of your Subaru air filter could avoid such hassles, and replacements are inexpensive, especially the ones found in our user-friendly online catalog. Ordering your Subaru air filter is a breeze on our secure site, or if you prefer to order by phone, our toll-free number is available 24-hours a day.