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Subaru Forester Tail Lights

Troubleshooting your Subaru Forester Tail Lights

Your Subaru Forester tail lights help keep you safe on the road by warning drivers In trailing vehicles that you're slowing down or coming to a stop. Unfortunately, tail lights aren't immune to damage, and they can malfunction for a number of reasons. Here are some troubleshooting tips to live by that will help you identify and solve tail light problems:

Blown bulbs

If your tail lights start acting up or refuse to start, then you'll first want to check the bulbs. If only one tail light is dysfunctional, then that's one telltale sign that the bulb is the root of the problem. The process of checking the bulb depends on the design of the tail light. Some lights allow you to remove the lens cover, enabling you to easily check the bulb's condition. However, some assemblies will require you to take apart and remove the entire tail light in order to check the bulb. In any case, a broken bulb filament is a clear indication that the bulb is broken and that it needs to be replaced.

Fuse box

Open the fuse box panel and pull out the tail light fuse using the fuse puller, which should be found on the panel lid. Inspect your fuse for signs of popping. If it's blown, then you'll need to have it replaced in order to regain your tail light's functionality. But if it checks out OK, then simply return it and move on to the next troubleshooting tip.

Torn wiring

Check the wiring that runs to the tail light housing. It's more than likely that the damage to the wiring would be somewhere exposed, close to the tail light housing. If you notice any wiring damage, then have a professional inspect it.

Shattered lens

If you've shattered your lens due to a parking lot mishap or any other reason, then your lights are bound to still work. However, given the state of the component, it won't stay that way for much longer. Water is bound to enter the tail light and damage it. If the cracks of your tail light can still be sealed, then do so. If not, then have the light replaced.< /p>

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  • Maintaining Subaru Forester Tail Lights

    Having working Subaru Forester tail lights will help prevent unwanted tickets and will also keep you safe at the same time. You can't really see those lights at the rear of your ride while you drive, but they're actually letting trailing motorists know that you're about to stop. This is especially helpful in low-visibility scenarios like after nightfall or in the midst of heavy precipitation. Given the vitality of these lights, you should do your best to maintain their condition and functionality for as long as possible. So here are a few basic maintenance tips for your essential tail lights.

    Check tail light wiring harness.

    Your tail light wiring harness ensures that the tail lights receive a steady flow of power. If this component were to become damaged, then you're headlight won't turn on. To ensure that your tail lights don't die out on you when you need them the most, regularly check your wiring harness for damage and have it replaced when deemed necessary.

    Replace the bulbs.

    When bulbs die, you need not replace the entire tail light; all you need to do is change the bulbs. This may be easier to do on some tail light assemblies as compared to others; nevertheless, changing a blown bulb should get your tail light back to speed. Be sure to change your bulbs on a regular basis for utmost driving safety.

    Seal your tail lights.

    One enemy of lighting components is moisture. When there's moisture build up in the tail lights, the lens can become foggy and the projection of light from the bulb could become impeded. To prevent this from happening, make sure your tail lights are sealed properly and reseal them in case they aren't. You could even reinforce your tail light seal using Teflon tape.

    Clean the lens.

    It's very important for you to keep your tail lights clean both inside and out to ensure clear light projection. There are specialized cleaners for lights, and these should do the trick. If the lights are fogging up, then you may have to do some wet sanding to get them clear again.< /p>