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Subaru Impreza Oil Pan Gasket

Pinpointing Issues on a Subaru Impreza Oil Pan Gasket

The Subaru Impreza oil pan gasket is a seal that's located between the engine and the oil pan. It keeps the oil from seeping out and contaminants from entering the pan. Without the oil pan gasket, you'll be driving out with a trail of oil on your tracks-not to mention with less oil in your vehicle. Since the oil pan gasket is usually made from rubber, it has the tendency to thin out or become loose. Knowing the symptoms of a faulty oil pan gasket will save you of dollars in the future from oil refill.

Dried-out gasket

A dried-out gasket easily cracks, making it less efficient in sealing in oil and keeping out dirt. Rubber is the most commonly used gasket material in oil pans. Although it can usually withstand high temperatures, it dries up and cracks over time. Since gaskets are not repairable, you need to have it replaced with a high-quality one. Before installing the new gasket, make sure that the oil pan cover is free from oil and debris so that the new gasket would install rather easily.

Incorrectly placed gasket

An oil pan gasket that's not placed correctly between the oil pan and the engine could cause an engine oil leak. You might also notice that the oil level in your car's engine is unusually low. If your car's gasket is made from a sealing liquid, there is no way that you could reposition it without distortion. You need to scrape off the old gasket using a plastic scraper and place in the new one. You can follow the same process even if your car has a rubber oil pan gasket. The only difference is that you need to use a gasket glue to keep the gasket replacement in place.

Other troubleshooting tips

Before you replace the oil pan gasket, make sure that it is indeed the cause of the problem. Oil leaks can come from different parts of the vehicle, and not just from the oil pan. Installing a new oil pan gasket requires precision and patience, so make sure that what you're experiencing is really oil pan gasket failure.

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