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Subaru Impreza Parking Lights

Subaru Impreza Parking Lights Troubleshooting

Subaru Impreza parking lights are found next to the headlights, and they help make a vehicle more visible from the side. These lights are very important; unfortunately, they can become damaged for a number of reasons. So read up on these troubleshooting tips and get any parking light problem solved in a jiffy!

Poor light projection

If your lights aren't shining as brightly as they should, then check your parking light lens for discoloration. If moisture has entered the light, then the lens will become foggy or change in color. This could be what's causing your light projection to be so poor. Remove the light and clean it. You could also have it replaced if cleaning it won't do the trick.

Bad wiring

After some time, your parking lights can perform inconsistently. When they start acting up, pop the hood and check their wiring. If the parking light wires are wearing out or are already torn, then have them replaced.

Blown fuse

If your light won't come on entirely, then open up your fuse box and check the fuse for your parking light. Should your fuse be popped, then you'll need to have it replaced. If it seems to be in good condition, then return it and test if the lights work then.

Lights stuck on

Some people have trouble turning their parking lights on, while others have trouble getting them to turn off. If these lights remain on even after you've turned the engine off, then they could eat up your battery power. The root of this problem could be a dysfunctional headlight switch or a corroded light outlet. Have both checked before making the necessary repairs and replacements.

Old bulbs

Parking light bulbs have a limited lifespan, so if they seem to be dying out or have already died out, then you should take a look at them. If just one light is dead and the other is still working, then it's more than likely that your bulb is to blame, rather than a blown fuse or torn wiring. Remove the faulty bulb and check if its filament is blown. If it is, then have it replaced right away.

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  • Subaru Impreza Parking Lights Maintenance

    You Subaru Impreza parking lights are located outside of the headlight at the front end of the vehicle. The main purpose of these lights is to aid the headlights in making a vehicle more visible in dark areas from side view. You'll want to keep these components well maintained in order to enjoy safer driving, so follow these helpful parking light care tips.

    Clean the lights.

    Cleaning the outer surface of your parking lights will certainly yield more clear and unobstructed light projection, which is always a good thing. To be able to let your light shine even brighter while preserving its condition, you should also clean the inside of your lights. You may notice a changing in the color of the lens of your parking light and maybe even the accumulation of dirt within them. When you notice either one or both of these problems, remove your parking light, clean it, and reseal it. By doing so, you guarantee more effective parking light functionality for a longer period of time.

    Check the fuses and wires.

    Every now and again, check the fuse box and the wires. Make sure that the fuse for the parking light isn't blown. If it is, then you'll have to replace it with a new one. In addition to that, trace the wires of your parking light and make sure that there aren't any rips or tears in the wires. Also see to it that your wires aren't rubbing against any sharp surfaces that could damage them. If you do have a wire that's cut, then have it replaced. By following these easy steps, you'll be able to keep your parking lights working for many miles to come.

    Change the bulbs.

    If ever your parking lights don't work, then you might have to replace their light bulbs. Furthermore, if only one light is dead, then it's likely that your bulb is to blame and not some other component. Replacing the bulb is a fairly easy DIY task that you can do in a matter of minutes. You may have to get under the hood to get this job done, but changing bulbs is a simple way of restoring the performance of your parking lights.