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Subaru Tribeca Parts and Subaru Tribeca Accessories

The Subaru Tribeca continues the Japanese manufacturing giant's tradition of developing vehicles that are particularly appropriate for the class that they're made for. In this case, you have a mid-size crossover SUV that combines all the elements just make it somehow just perfect. Sure, the Tribeca doesn't bowl you over, but it looks gorgeous with its smooth curves, unique and tough-looking grille, and muscular frame. It performs well too, with a hefty 3.0-L EZ30 H6 ending under the hood pumping out a hefty 145 horsepower at 5200 rpm. Match that to a lighter drive train, and you get an even balance of speed and moderate power output.

In 2008, the Subaru Tribeca came out with what essentially a facelift for the already successful SUV. Superficially, it did retain many of the sleek contours and lines around the body and frame. It also received a much-widened grille up front to give it a wider-looking front face. Apart from the physical changes it underwent, the Tribeca received a much-improved engine in the EZ36. This was a 3.6-L giant capable of a whopping 256 horsepower output. Surprisingly, this new engine proved to actually be more fuel efficient than the one it replacedgiving users 10% better fuel economy.

Up until today, the Subaru Tribeca deservingly shares the road ways with a whole smattering of other SUVs, and it continues to impress by keeping up with the changing times. It's really little wonder that the market remains bulging with top-notch Suzuki Tribeca parts and accessoriesyou can get simpler parts like bolts, nuts, washers, and seals and work your way up to the more complex components like engine crank and camshafts, air conditioner compressors, catalytic converters and mufflers. This ensures that the Subaru Tribeca will be very relevant and sustainable well into the next decade.