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Hosing down deep-seated dirt from the crevices of your tires and/or wheels becoming a regular task to you? This will surely take its toll to your parts, not to forget the lost time and high water bill. On top of these, the clean-look will just stay for a few hours and that's depending on your driving and the road conditions. You need something that will both clean and repel any road elements from getting to your tires and edges. For this purposes, you get the Surf City Garage to provide you with the necessary cleaning and detailing products.

Surf City Garage is one of those specialty clinics for automobiles that started its business way back in 1958. Banking on his enthusiasm for automobiles, Tim Miller started to own, race, and rebuild automobiles to these days. To date, the family, now famous as Surf City Garage, owns more than a hundred vintage collectible muscled cars. Through all these, they have learned to research and manufacture just what they need to maintain these vehicles to brand new appearances but improved performances. And Surf City Garage is making these effective car care products available in the after-sales market!

You can now find the Surf City Garage wheel detailer, polish, and tire shine products in the shelves. All of these offer a week-lasting effect, reducing your car detailing time to a seventh from the usual 7-day tire cleaning. Detail, apply Surf City garage polish and eventually, finish up with the Surf City Garage tire shine and you are looking at accentuated wheels to last the extreme road conditions. For even better results, use other Surf City Garage products to detail and polish the exterior and interior body parts of your vehicle. Detailer sprays are also available for you to choose from.