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Why subject yourself to the worries of having an inferior strut on the tailgate if you can get a replacement from Suspa. These products are known for their highly functional structural configurations, qualifying them to their supporting task on the tailgate of the truck's bed. Along with its support function, the strut is supposed to absorb any imperiling impacts of vibrations when the gate is held open or close. These and the handsome craftsmanship that every Suspa product offers will surely make a big difference to your truck.

Aside from the popular Suspa tailgate strut, the brand carries a number of Suspa hatch strut models to match particular automobile models. Just like its sibling, this one is tasked to support the hatch of a sports utility vehicle or a wagon when up. Along with these is its function to damp all imperiling movements from being transmitted to the hatch and thus, the body of the vehicle. Allowing this to happen will only cause its hinges, permanent lubrication, and securing hardware to wear faster. Any of these will surely cost more than what a hatch strut does.

Suspa is not just all about automobile struts. The company is also into domestic, industrial, and commercial industries. Starting from a short list of Gas springs, dampeners, and adjustment equipments, the company is now a long list of various ergonomic product categories. But on top of the pursuit to excellence, Suspa never failed to give back to the environment. The company maintains their vow to make environment-friendly products. They invest on the manufacturing procedures, starting off with extensive research to surpass government standards down to employing highly qualified experts.