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Suzuki Grand Vitara Fog Light

Traveling on a clear and sunny day would mean an easy day for everyone who happens to drive the Suzuki Grand Vitara. With the luxury features and different car-like amenities, the Suzuki Grand Vitara is really enjoyable from inside and out. But when poor visibility prevails the road, the driving becomes harder and travel becomes more dangerous. But with the help of the Suzuki Grand Vitara fog lights, the vehicle will be easier to maneuver. Fog lights are standard equipment on the Grand Vitara that comes in pair. It is located bellow the headlights, at the bumper. The stylish pair of lights provide function and cosmetic on the Grand Vitara.

Generally, fog lights are located 10-24 inches above the ground to provide maximum road visibility during rain and fog at the same time keeping the glare up to the minimum. This is because fog lights are high beam lights which could provide high glair on oncoming traffic when positioned wrongly. Fig lights tend to keep the road visible better than headlights with its yellow lights.

Some might say that fog lights are not that much of an importance on a vehicle. This statement might be based from different studies that would suggest that fog lights do not really work on foggy conditions; that these yellow lights do not differ from the while beams that are emitted by the headlights. Whether you would believe it or not, come to think that it would be better to have two sets of lights than just one.

When the name Suzuki is heard, one and only one thing is remembered: a high cc motorcycle running in racetracks. But totally different from this recognition is the Suzuki Grand Vitara. The new Suzuki Grand Vitara gives a different touch on the name Suzuki which is entered on the SUV classification.

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