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Suzuki Grand Vitara Tailgate Handle

Addressing Suzuki Grand Vitara Tailgate Handle Issues

An SUV is only as good as its functionality. So can you imagine the frustration you would feel if you find yourself hauling stuff, and your tailgate refuses to open? Unlike trucks, wherein you can just carry your things over the bed without the need to open the tailgate, the Grand Vitara requires you to use the tailgate to access the luggage compartment. It is then quite useful to learn how you can deal with minor Suzuki Grand Vitara tailgate handle issues. Here are ways you can quickly fix them.

Stuck handle

You're trying to open the tailgate with the handle but it won't budge. Check the handle if it is doing its job properly. The handle has two arms that push two levers. The two levers pull on two separate rods: the left and right. Open the handle with a screwdriver and check inside. Check for any debris jamming the mechanisms. When you see that pulling on the handle is pushing the two levers, but one of the rods is unresponsive, then the issue is on the rods not the handle. Replace both plastic rods and put lubricant (WD-40) to make sure the handle and the rods connects smoothly and properly.

Broken handle

You surprised yourself with your own strength when you managed to pry the tailgate handle open. However, you discover that you broke the tailgate handle open and now it looks like something your Vitara would spit out. Check how severe the damage is. If you're lucky, you've only pulled out the assembly and just need to push them back into place. If you are really stronger that you expected then, you may find the rods snapped and your door handle broken beyond repair. Of course, this means you would need to buy a replacement and install it yourself.

Open the tailgate

If you do have a broken tailgate handle, but want to get access to the luggage compartment then just open the handle assembly and access the rods that the levers are meant to pull sideways. Use a screwdriver to manually move them sideways and it should open the tailgate for you. This is a temporary fix and doing this is painstaking so you need to address you tailgate handle problem as soon as possible.

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  • How to Keep Your Suzuki Grand Vitara Tailgate Handle at Its Best

    The tailgate handle allows you to access your SUV's large luggage compartment. Without it, your Suzuki Grand Vitara may as well be any car. Normally made of plastic, the tailgate handle is tough but prone to breaking because of the constant handling. Although it is not that expensive or difficult to replace, your Suzuki Grand Vitara tailgate handle should be given the chance to be useful for as long as it's meant to. Here are a few tips which would extend the service life of your tailgate handle.

    Inspect regularly

    Being small, you only notice the tailgate handle when it stops working. Make it a habit to check the condition of your tailgate handle. Check inside for accumulated gunk and remove them. The gunk that gets stuck in between the levers prevents the handle from working properly.

    Remove the ice

    During the winter, when the vehicle is left outside, the door handles, and not just the tailgate handle, gets frozen in ice. Do not try to break the ice by forcing the tailgate handle to open. Using force to break the ice may break other parts like the rods and levers. Use a hairdryer to thaw it down before using.


    Sometimes the mechanisms get stuck with left over gunk, which results to the rods and levers corroding or rusting. Prevent this by lubricating with WD-40 or any off the shelf lubricant. You can do this every time you wash your car, or after inspecting the tailgate handle assembly.

    Make it pretty

    Protect your Suzuki Grand Vitara tailgate handle while making it sparkle at the same time by using a chrome tailgate handle cover. Chrome tailgate handle kits come complete and you can install them in less than 10 minutes. Clean the tailgate handle with denatured alcohol and microfiber towel. Let it dry for a few minutes. Then peel off the double-sided tape on the chrome tailgate handle cover. Place on the handle and press to set into place.

    Paint it

    Breathe new life into your tailgate handle with new paint. Aside from reviving its appearance, repainting your tailgate handle will give it added protection from the natural elements. Once you have removed the tailgate handle assembly, place it on a piece of newspaper. Sand off the handle with 200-grit to remove the grime then follow-up with water-soaked 600-grit sandpaper. Then apply a primer that's fit for plastics. Let the primer dry then follow with the base coat. You would normally want a base paint that matches your entire vehicle. Allow the paint to cure and dry before painting additional coats. Finish it up with clear coat of paint for that glossy right-out-of-the-factory result.