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Hearing audible noise in the area of your shafts' gears? It's an indication that either your crank or cam gear is probably faulty, worst if both. These gears make the operations of the engine possible, as well those of its supporting systems. Any irregularity on them can cause timing problems and the powerhouse is at risk. Any of these doesn't have to happen as Swag aftermarket products are available in the market. They offer a complete line of performance shafts for virtually all makes and models of automobiles.

First in Swag's long lists of aftermarket products is the Swag crankshaft gear. The product is designed to match various specifications that every engine model present. Factories for these component usually last very long but extreme thermal conditions inside the powerhouse will eventually take their toll. Also, when the timing is changed to get a few more ponies, this will mean a notch up on whatever these parts are subjected to. To ensure that the comprising parts of the engine will complement the new specs, a new and more reliable gear from Swag is best.

Getting the Swag camshaft gear and Swag timing chain tensioner when the crank gear is replaced will surely come up with better results. These parts are the basic engine components that need tweaking every time the timing is updated; having new and compatible parts promise more solid outcome. To DIYers' delight, all Swag aftermarket products are designed for easy installation. Still, cautiously matching the specifications of the particular engine model to the aftermarket replacements should be considered keenly.