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Sway Bar Bushing

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How can you be sure that your car, the very first one you bought with your hard-earned money, the one which stood by you through thick and thin, rain or shine, is due for retirement?Sure, there's that clunking sound whenever one of its front tires hits a manhole or bump, but it may just be a worn-out sway bar bushing. Yes, that pesky problem could be solved in just under an hour of do-it-yourself work, with little money to part with. A bushing costs little to replace, and the results are outstanding.Your car's sway bar has an important function - it keeps both your tires planted on the road while cornering at high speed. Highly-spirited driving can wear out its bushings quite fast though.No problem - a high-quality sway bar bushing should get rid of that clunking. No need to part with a classic. Just visit Carparts and you'll find what you're looking for.

• Our sway bar bushings keep the sway bar working silently.

• Bushings from us improve sway bar performance.

• Our heavy duty sway bar bushings last longer than stock.