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Sway Bar Kit

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Maintain the contact that your wheels have with the road whenever you make a turn by installing a Sway Bar in your car's suspension system.
Have you ever wondered why so many heavy trucks careen off to the side and fall over when cornering quickly? This is because they have a tendency to tip over to one side each time they turn sharply. In the automotive industry, this dangerous tipping movement is called "body roll"-and it's not only trucks and heavier vehicles that are prone to this type of cornering reaction. Any vehicle with a bad Sway Bar can experience body roll, which is why it pays to have a dependable and durable sway bar replacement in your car.
The Sway Bar is a type of torsion spring that uses U-shaped steel to connect your chassis on both sides of your suspension and auto body. This suspension part helps control body roll by making sure your vehicle stays flat on the ground as you round a corner. This component is often incorporated in both front and rear suspensions to help enhance a vehicle's cornering agility. Each time you round a corner, the sway bar acts like a spring, resisting incredible torsion so long as both your left and right wheels remain synchronized in their movement.
But like all other suspension components installed in your vehicle, something as simple as wheel misalignment could cause early breakdown of this part. If you experience body roll each time you turn, it's time for you to invest in replacement sway bar parts to avoid experiencing more suspension troubles.

Sway Bar Kit Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Sway Bar Kit

    Weight management - that's the secret to getting 'round a corner without losing speed. Unknown by many drivers, a car's weight can be the key to either disaster or success when cornering.Too much of the car's weight on the outer tires lifts the inner tires off the road and cause you to spin. There's a way for you to beat this, though. All you need is a sway bar. Also called a stabilizer, it attaches to both left and right suspension arms of either the front or rear tires.The bar makes use of torsion, or rotational force, to keep your vehicle as balanced as possible. As you corner, the suspension arm on the outside of the turn gets pushed upward. This twists the sway bar, thus pulling the suspension arm on the other side as well.Thus, both tires are kept flat on the road, maximizing your vehicle's traction. A sway bar is definitely a worthwhile investment to car owners who seek safety and performance. Auto Parts Deal has a wide range of sway bars available for your choosing.

    • Equalizes left and right suspension arm motion

    • Keeps tires planted on the road while cornering

    • Fits most vehicle models perfectly

  • The Automobile Basics: Sway Bar Kit

    When turning a corner becomes too dangerous to pull off, that's a sign for you to get a sway bar kit. This product will allow you bring back your vehicle's ability to make a turn and accelerate without you losing control of it. This ensures that you and your passengers get to avoid any type of mishaps while you're driving. To help promote safety on the road, the sway bar kit relies on the use of the following components: sway bars, bushings, end links, brackets, powder-coated hotchkis bars, a rear bar, and mounting pads. These parts are made from premium materials to ensure that they withstand the wear and tear brought about by regular use. This also keeps the parts from succumbing to harsh road elements. Aside from being constructed using the best materials available, these parts are designed to match the specifications of most vehicle types. This makes them easy to install since they're designed to fit your ride perfectly. It also keeps you from wasting your time and exerting too much effort in trying to modify them. Once cornering becomes fatal, that's the time for you to invest in a sway bar kit. With its help, you'll get the parts you need to achieve better control of your vehicle every time you take it for a spin.