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Sway Bar Link

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Prevent your vehicle's sway bar from dislodging itself out of position by equipping it with parts coming from a Sway Bar Link Kit.
Body roll. Sounds like a funky new dance move, right? It's actually the incident when your vehicle tips over to one side while you corner. You know that you're experiencing exceptionally bad body roll when the trees and the rest of the road appear slanted each time you turn, and you feel the heavy weight of gravity pulling you left or right; or when two of your wheels actually leave the ground and your vehicle lands on its side. To avoid experiencing the latter, inspect your sway bar for signs of damage now. If it is damaged, it's time to invest in a great Sway Bar Link Kit as soon as possible.
The sway bar link is an important part of your suspension system. It works with your vehicle's sway bar to further strengthen your suspension and prevent body roll. Hence, tipping or leaning of your car's body each time you turn or corner is also prevented. Each Sway Bar Link Kit is usually equipped with direct-fit, OE replacement components that include metal bearings to withstand heavy loads without deforming; gusher bearings that help lubricate the sway bar for added durability; and wrench flats used with sockets for faster part installation or mounting.
With sway bar link kits, you can keep your car's wheels connected to your suspension's torsion spring and short lever arms. It's a great investment that's sure to fortify your sway bar while giving you years of excellent service.

Sway Bar Link Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Sway Bar Link 21 December 2012

    Smooth driving isn't the work of only an efficient engine and properly-inflated tires. Your vehicle's suspension system works hard to make driving as easy as possible. And the suspension system can't do its job without a sway bar link or two.Each side of your vehicle's axles is usually equipped with a number of flexible links. These sway bar links work with the sway bar to stabilize the vehicle's body, especially during cornering.Whenever you turn your vehicle, the links helps the sway bar transfer load from one side of the suspension to another. This ensures that the vehicle stays parallel to the road during turns, keeping equal load on each of the vehicle's wheels.Sway bar links also help you enjoy improved vehicle handling. Keeping the sway bar link in top shape guarantees you a consistently smooth ride. Should your vehicle's sway bar links become defective, we have replacements here at Auto Parts Deal. Place your order and we will ship it to your address as soon as possible!

    • Improves vehicle handling

    • Helps ensure safe, smooth cornering

    • Custom-designed for easy installation and seamless performance