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Are you safe each time you hit the road? Aside from the brakes and air bags, which are in-trouble accessories, a clear windshield will avoid driving mishaps. That can only be if the wiper and washer systems are working properly. If you doubt that these maintenance assemblies are no longer good to protect you, find replacements from the complete line of SWF. The seasoned brand knows what you need and for what those needs are for so why settle for anything less?

SWF manufactures everything for your regular and emergency windshield maintenance, from switches to the entire assembly. This is important in choosing a brand as compatible parts tend to perform and last better. And when the wiper system is replaced, it is also the best time to check on the washer system. SWF offers not only the assembly parts but even the electrics as best exemplified by its SWF wiper switch. This is a performance switch designed to last the surge of electrical supply in the vehicle, as well as abuse of use. This SWF switch assembly is designed to last longer than competitions.

Each SWF product is manufactured with the stringent standards the company has designed to ensure surpassing qualities. The procedure starts with acquisition of high-grade raw materials and subjecting them to production machines. Everything is tested in-car extremes before finally distributed in the after-sales industry. There are no exemptions, not even a small SWF washer nozzle can be packed with going through these stringent procedures. These and their unquestioned experience in the aftermarket industry make them a trusted brand.