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Functional trucks will look incomplete without hitching hardware at the rear. This is the area where, usually, a trailer will be attached to using a shackle and link. There will different design for this hardware but the most important thing is its ability to securely hold on a tow. And for a driver, it is most important that the connection is monitored throughout the duration of the ride. This is a function that Swift Hitch is right on. Stopping almost every time will not be a good choice, hence, the use of the brand's cameras on the area. By doing so, the security of the connection is monitored just as it is when backing up.

Swift Hitch is a seasoned manufacturer of monitoring cameras, which experience goes back to 2006. The idea of the Swift Hitch backup camera became a hit that today, the brand continues to provide different models for various markets. As for the automotive industry, the latest is portable wireless back-up camera system that features full colors. This allows every driver to get a real-time film of what's going on at the rear of the vehicle, especially when backing up.

Highly sophisticated that it is, the Swift Hitch is an easy install gadget in an automobile. It's wireless and portable so there are no cables to layout and no wires to tap when the camera gets planted at the rear of the vehicle. And for the display, a handheld makes for the purpose. The system is fully automatic, and the display can be adjusted with the use of a small button. This can be used, brought, and stored anywhere without direct sunlight and moisture.