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If you try looking for that Takeda logo stamped on your intake, you are going to tumble more times than you can imagine. Your Takeda short ram intake is listed as one of the models under the brand that's being manufactured by Advance Speed Corporation. The automobile specialty clinic is operated, and founded, by enthusiasts that thrive on their passion to bring out the best out of ordinary vehicles. Since their debut four years ago, they have already come up with a long list of satisfied customers and just two years ago, the birth of Takeda.

Judging from the products of Takeda, the focus is on reinforcing the powerhouse with what it really need. The short ram intake is a replacement featuring an air filter and metal piping that is far shorter than that of the factory. With the ram pipe's increased diameter and the conical filter high-performance oriented, there will be increased amount of cold dense air into the throttle and thus, into the intake manifold. This will guarantee higher fuel and engine efficiency, bringing out more useful ponies in addition to the standard.

Advance Speed Corporation is also clear in one thing when they launched Takeda products, to feed auto enthusiasts with choice. This is of course after series of tests that their systems are going to work in at least particular makes and models of automobiles. Now that ram intakes are out in the market, every auto owner or fleet manager can get one and assume DIY application. By doing these, installation costs and professional services fees are greatly reduced, one can even trot back the dealer to get another intake system.