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For those who won't compromise, we offer the Tanabe exhaust system for popular import and domestic vehicles

High strength stainless steel is used for corrosion resistance and weight savings in the Tanabe exhaust system

By making the Tanabe Super Medallion racing muffler rebuildable, Tanabe has truly designed a lifetime component

Every effort has been made to reduce weight in each Tanabe exhaust system, including the use of hollow hangers and pressed flanges

Once you begin looking at the spec sheets for Tanabe exhaust system components, you quickly realize you're looking at something special. The level of detail that goes into each Tanabe exhaust system is nothing short of extraordinary, with premium materials, design, and weight reduction strategies employed throughout. Like what? Well, for starters, the Tanabe exhaust system is produced from mandrel bent 304 stainless steel, marking one of the first uses for this material in exhaust components. The high strength of this stainless material allows the Tanabe exhaust system to use thinner pipe, not for cost savings but for weight savings. Simply put, a Tanabe exhaust system can be thinner than the competition yet last longer thanks to better metals. Then, each Tanabe exhaust system is fitted with a premium high-flow muffler to reduce noise without restricting exhaust flow. Once the basics are covered, the Tanabe exhaust system then is subjected to a diet. Pressed exhaust flanges are used throughout the Tanabe exhaust system to keep weight down, and hollow hangers are also employed for the same reason. Details like this are what make a Tanabe exhaust system something different in a crowded market. If you're serious about your performance and only the best will do, you don't need to look any further than a Tanabe exhaust system for your exhaust needs.

As part of the family of Tanabe exhaust products, Tanabe mufflers sit at the top of a crowded marketplace. Several innovations help Tanabe mufflers stand out, however, and make them the ideal choice for your sport compact custom exhaust build. For example, Tanabe mufflers are constructed entirely of the highest quality SUS304 stainless steel, fully welded in street trim for maximum durability. In race medallion trim, Tanabe mufflers are actually riveted together, but not for cost savings. This construction technique allows Tanabe mufflers to be disassembled and rebuilt in the event the internal material becomes packed or worn. Unlike other manufacturer's claims of a lifetime warranty, the rebuildable nature of Tanabe mufflers makes them true lifetime exhaust components. The special internal packing material used on all Tanabe mufflers, Advantex, allows less packing to be used to achieve equivalent sound reduction than with other materials. Less packing means less weight and less restriction, with more power being the result using Tanabe mufflers. Finally, just to assure the rest of the world of their quality control, the factory that produces Tanabe mufflers has achieved ISO9001 certification. It's just one more way of showing that you can trust the performance and quality of Tanabe mufflers on your import, domestic, or sport compact vehicle.

Why choose a Tanabe Super Racing Medallion exhaust system for your sport compact vehicle? Well, if you're looking for an inexpensive way to make your car sound good without really producing additional power, you shouldn't. Poseurs need not apply: That's not what the Tanabe Super Racing Medallion is all about. Originally developed for motorsports applications, the Tanabe Super Racing Medallion has been adapted for street legal use while still retaining almost all its high performance breeding. For starters, SUS304 stainless steel is used throughout each Tanabe Super Racing Medallion system. Not only does this high-strength metal offer superior corrosion resistance, but it also allows the tubing used in the Tanabe Super Racing Medallion system to be thinner, reducing weight. Of course, mandrel bends are used anywhere the tubing has to curve to promote improved gas flow. As an example of its racing heritage, the muffler used in the Tanabe Super Racing Medallion system is a high flow design with a riveted case. The case design allows the Tanabe Super Racing Medallion muffler to be disassembled and rebuilt when the packing material wears out. This feature makes the Tanabe Super Racing Medallion muffler the only true lifetime muffler on the marketother companies can offer a warranty, but only the Tanabe Super Racing Medallion muffler can be overhauled to restore your exhaust system to like-new performance. It's just one more example of why the Tanabe Super Racing Medallion exhaust system is only for those who are serious about high performance.