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Ignition Coil by Taylor Cable

Replacement parts are very important for every vehicle. They restore the vehicle's quality and performance, allowing them to perform as good as new. This is why auto part brands flood the market with products-both exterior and interior components-that promise to improve vehicle performance and appearance. Focusing on performance ignition parts, one reliable brand is the Taylor Cable. It offers quality products such as spark plug wires, the Taylor Cable ignition coil, and other ignition parts and electronic accessories.

Taylor Cable is "where performance comes down to the wire." The OEM and performance part company assures you that. True enough, Taylor Cable sees to it that every auto component it develops is carefully manufactured and passes rigid tests. Also, its products are designed to match certain vehicle specifications. An example is the Taylor Cable ignition coil. Taylor Cable offers four types of ignition coils: HEI (High Energy Ignition) high output coil, TFI (Thick Film Ignition) and GM coil, electronic ignition "canister" coil, and late model applications coil. These replacement coils can provide your car's ignition its much-needed boost. For example, Taylor Cable's HEI high output coil features high temperature winding, low inductance, and more spark energy at higher revolution per minute. Because this ignition coil is epoxy filled, it can endure the harshest working environment. Other amazing products from Taylor Cable are the TFI and GM coils. These are ideal bolt-in replacements because compared with stock ignition coils, TFI and GM coils create more voltage and have lower primary resistance.

No doubt, the Taylor Cable ignition coil is your best option when it comes to ignition coil replacements. You can find it right here at our site, Inner Auto Parts-your reliable source of high-quality Taylor Cable products. Here, you get nothing but the best Taylor Cable ignition coil as well as other auto parts and accessories. Shop at Inner Auto Parts now.

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