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Spark Plug Wire Cover by Taylor Cable

Whether you are driving on the street or on the race track, highly efficient spark plug wires are a must-have. This is necessary to maximize the harnessing of high-voltage electrical charge from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. To carry on with that high-level performance, the spark plug wires need a component to protect them-the spark plug wire cover. This device is designed to protect the spark plug wires from acquiring unwanted elements such as dirt, moisture, and other chemical residues in the engine. By doing so, the wire cover keeps every spark plug wire at its best condition, thus saving it from premature wear. To get utmost spark plug wire protection, install the Taylor Cable spark plug wire cover. Aside from shielding the wires from all potential threats, it can also spice up your powertrain with its well-crafted design.

Moreover, the Taylor Cable spark plug wire cover shields the ignition wires from radio frequency interferences, which can also harm the on-board electronic system. It is made with precision and features a tightly-woven fiberglass inner mesh braid. Plus, it can endure temperatures of up to 500F and tolerates more abrasion, heat, and dielectric strength. Installing this spark plug wire cover is easy. Using the right automotive tools, you can accomplish the task in just a matter of minutes.

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