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Spark Plug Wire Markers by Taylor Cable

The ignition system is not just about the spark plug wires or the distributor. It is also composed of various subcomponents that contribute to the proper functioning of the system. Among these subcomponents are the spark plug wire markers. When it comes to quality ignition wire markers, the Taylor Cable brand is among the most trusted. We highly recommend the Taylor Cable spark plug wire markers for your car's ignition needs.

Spark plug wires are routed around the engine carefully. They are arranged in a specific manner, called the firing order. It is important that every spark plug wire is linked to the right cylinder. If the wires are routed incorrectly, the engine may backfire. Thus, the wires should be installed accurately. To ensure that you won't be confused when checking each wire, having the Taylor Cable spark plug wire markers is the best solution. These markers are numbered snap-on C-clips that help you clearly identify one ignition wire from another. These small markers make ignition wire adjustment or replacement convenient for you. They also keep the spark plug wires in their proper places, making it easy for you to inspect the wires. It is because these markers are fastened onto the wires and settle tightly in position. The wire markers from Taylor Cable can fit on 7 to 8 mm. and 10.4 mm. ignition wires. They are also built from tough plastic material that can resist high temperatures under the hood.

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