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Starter Heat Shield by Taylor Cable

The starter is one of your vehicle's vital parts as it cranks the engine to start the combustion process. But the starter's location exposes it to heat, making it vulnerable to premature damage if not protected. Fortunately, the automotive market offers an option for starter protection-the starter heat shield. It isolates the starter from extreme temperatures, keeping the starter at peak operating conditions all the time. If you are looking for a brand that provides expertise in heat protection, choose the Taylor Cable starter heat shield.

With the Taylor Cable starter heat shield, your car's starter can last longer and perform at its best. This heat shield is made of a heat-resistant aluminum cloth. It reduces the heat transfer to the starter by driving it away. As a result, you don't have to resort to costly starter repairs. Another great feature of this starter heat shield is that it's easy to install. You don't need to remove the starter from its mounting place. You simply wrap the starter heat shield around the starter and fasten it tightly using hook or loop clips. Voila/ In just a matter of minutes, your starter is protected. This shield comes in two sizes, fitting any kind of starter. Also, this makes trimming unnecessary. Moreover, Taylor Cable offers starter shields that can also be used as distributor wraps. This Taylor Cable starter heat shield is perfect for starters with headers. It features a heat reflective foil and heat-treated woven fiberglass material. When it comes to excellence and performance, trust Taylor Cable to provide you excellent ignition components.

So invest on a high-quality heat shield now. Purchase a Taylor Cable starter heat shield. Choose us as your reliable online provider. We offer a complete collection of Taylor Cable products and other auto parts and accessories. Check out our online catalog and choose the products that you need.

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