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Everything in an automobile will wear, eventually ballooning maintenance expenditures. But that is assuming that replacements are made. In case it is the fabrics, vinyl or leather, like on the seats, a replacement may be an overreaction. There's still remedy in these types of problems. All you need is a Tear Aid vinyl repair kit, if its vinyl and/or fabric kits for other types of fabric. In fact, Tear Aid also offers multi-purpose tear repair kits to ensure you have a solution for every patching problem.

Cuts, punctures, and tears are just among the problems that Tear Aid can provide solutions to. They may differ in type or use to match the type of material to be used on, but they are all extra strength adhesive. They work to piece together materials, especially vinyl and leather. Tear Aid adhesives are see-thru types that conform to every irregularity there is on the surfaces of the materials they are applied on. They are designed to hold air and resist ultra violet effects. However hot the temperature may be, it won't gummy against the vinyl or the leather.

The manufacturing procedures of every Tear Aid product do not involve magic. But there are a few secrets. One of these is the quality materials being used in the manufacture. Second is the state-of-the-art plant facility where these materials undergo series of procedures until they are woven to perfection. Finally, and the most important, is the reliable manufacturing personnel that upholds these standards. Diligently following every procedure, the result is reliable, flexible, and puncture-resisting vinyl and fabric adhesives that last.