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Areas where extreme thermal conditions are present are usually trapped in rubber channels. Best example to this is in automobiles, where fuel, water or coolant, and exhaust, all coming in and from the engine are turned into high pressure elements. And to channel these from one point to another, rubber hoses are used. Such rubber hoses are usually weatherproof and of high-grade materials. If its something made by Teito, it is expected to last far longer than competitions.

Auto hoses, though, are not going to last the abundant extreme conditions under the hood. A good example is the Teito radiator hose, which even if designed to surpass the highest standards of its class is still going to start forming leaks. When this happens, its primary function of delivering the coolant into and from the engine sleeves and the radiator will no longer happen. This happening, its functions are rendered useless. As this will disrupt the functions of the engine and thus, the vehicle, a replacement must be immediately fixed to it.

For this purpose, a replacement from the same brand will ensure compatibility and fit. Teito, being a Japanese brand offers superior construction of their aftermarket rubber hoses. They use quality assured raw materials in the confines of their plants with state-of-the-art facilities. Here, a variety of automotive rubber hose products are being made. Everything is tested and retested before they are packed and distributed in the market. These last steps are taken care of the second segment of Teito. This includes warehouse management and cargo handling of the company's products.