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Bringing a map and checking every directional signs whenever you pass by one is old school. Today, you just pick one of those map gadgets they call GPS, fix it on your dash, and you can wiggle your way to your destination. And for that reliable technology, you can always trust Teletype. They offer a long list of choices, from personal car types to truck fleet tracking management systems. All of Teletype products are upgradeable using the brand's software or via the World Wide Web.

Teletype GPS is a modern type of Global Positioning System. It comes portable, mountable on the dash of particular class and makes of automobiles. Its specifications come in a wide range, to which requirements should be met to ensure full control and use to the gadget. This Teletype gadget will come loaded with the standard maps, usually that of US, Canada, and Mexico. In cases upgrades are necessary, additional downloadable maps are available in the net and the brand's GPS will accommodate them in its information bank.

For 30 years that Teletype has been providing GPS to every car, utility vehicles, and trucks in the industry, it has already amassed a great deal of experience to design best of its class' navigation systems. Today, they embark on aftermarket upgrades like larger memory card capacities and downloadable add-ons. They also continuously better the design of each of their products, crafting them to add to the aesthetic side of every vehicle's dash area. These and the improved technology of the display, make each Teletype product a must in an automobile.