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Cushioning your automobile's pivoting parts is the primary function of your bushing. This accessory is generally made from rubber material, making it flexible even under extreme conditions. Obviously, with its function, it needs to be holed where the mating of the pivoting parts gets into. The movement of both supported parts will take toll on its service life, as well as the vibrations and impacts that it is subjected to. As soon as it would look dull and futile for its function, a replacement from TER will surely restore its functions.

TER is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket automotive mounting accessories, specializing on bushings. Most popular on its product line-up are the TER sway bar link bushing, the TER radius rod bushing, and TER sway bar bushing. All of these products are designed for superior performance and durability as compared to competitions. TER bushings are also manufactured based on the standards of the factory mounting accessories and thus, fit is guaranteed. On top of all these is the well selected raw material that is the foundation of their products' superior quality.

Installation is another score for TER against competitions. Manufactured based on the original specifications of the factory, these aftermarket replacements are easier to install. In fact, they are generally remove-and-replace materials. What will probably make the task a little difficult is access to the sway, rod, and linkage bars under the vehicle. But with the recommended mounting guide from the manufacturer, even the average DIYer can surely get the task done. For best result, a help and some hand tools are preferred. The negative cable of the battery should also be disconnected throughout this time to ensure safety.