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Quality handling can be measured of how easy and convenient the driver relays the action down the wheels assembly of the vehicle. This is generally the function of the steering and the suspension systems of the vehicle. But for these assemblies to work at their best, some accessories and hardware are necessary. Among these are the rubber bushings and hardened bearings used on sway bars, driveshafts, and radius rods of the vehicle. They have the heavy-duty functions of cushioning and thus, absorbing impacts from movements coming to the host parts. Replaceable items that they are, Tezuka make a good choice.

Reputed as the leader in aftermarket replacement bushings and bearings, Tezuka prides itself with its line of popular products. Among these are the Tezuka sway bar bushing, Tezuka radius rod bushing, and Tezuka driveshaft support bearing. Their bushings are made from high-grade rubber materials, designed with a hole in the middle to accommodate pivoting motions of the sway bar or the radius rod. The bearings, on the other hand, are manufactured from reinforced steel materials. They received permanent lubrication and are sealed for freshness.

All Tezuka products are designed for direct replacement applications. They are based on the standard specifications of factory automobile components. That way, they are easy to fit and install in place of original equipments or those of the factory components in the vehicle. What makes them better than competition is the relentless pursuit to excellence of their makers. This starts with selection of only the high quality raw materials down to sealing each tested Tezuka product in its equally durable package.