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Throttle Position Sensor

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Interested in knowing where your throttle is? Well, your engine does. And it needs to know precisely where it's positioned to help it achieve better performance. So how is it able to find out exactly where the throttle is? It relies on the use of a throttle position sensor. This device determines the exact position of your car's throttle and relays the information to the engine control unit or ECU in the form of sensor signals. These signals are increasing or decreasing voltages that are produced depending on how much power is required by the driver from the engine. What the driver needs is determined by how much pressure is applied to the gas pedal. Through this process, the ECU determines what needs to be done to achieve optimum engine performance while the vehicle is on the road. Since it does a lot for you and your vehicle, the throttle position sensor is made from premium materials to keep it from breaking down quickly. It's also designed to match the specifications of your vehicle so you won't have to waste time making unnecessary modifications to it. So if you want your car to achieve stellar performance, make sure it knows where its throttle is by installing a throttle position sensor. That way, its ECU will know what to do the moment you push the pedal to the metal.

Throttle Position Sensor Articles

  • The -INGs in Throttle Position Sensor Installation

    What makes knowing the position of the throttle so important that it needs a sensor? This question usually pops up when you look at the small sensor attached to the throttle body. And with that statement, you have unconsciously doubted the function of one of the important parts in your car. The throttle position sensor determines the position of the throttle valve every time the engine operates. The signals given out by the sensor are high-frequency and can actually cause different - and sometimes dangerous - reactions from the other parts. Thus, proper installation of the sensor is vital for the survivability of your vehicle. To make sure that the sensor is properly installed, here are the basic -INGs to guide you:

    Required skill level: Beginner

    Required tools and materials:

    • Socket set
    • Ratchet
    • Screwdriver set
    • Safety glasses (optional)

    Accessing the old sensor

    Open the hood of your vehicle. On most car models, the throttle position sensor is located at the air intake hose which is near the engine. The sensor is mostly plastic so it is easy to differentiate it from the rest of the assembly.

    Removing the sensor

    The sensor is usually put in place by four bolts. You can easily remove the bolts using a screwdriver or a ratchet and socket. Next, you need to remove the wire connected to the sensor. To do this, simply press the lock on the side and pull the connection out. You should now be able to take the entire sensor out of the throttle body.

    Installing the new sensor

    Before connecting the new sensor, check if the new part matches the old sensor's harness connection and side structure. If it matches, place the new sensor where the old one was. Make sure that it fits the throttle body well. Incorrect installation greatly harms the performance of your car. Place all the bolts back in place.

    Connecting the sensor

    Connect the male harness to the female port. You should hear a click and lock sound. A test drive would help check if the installation is done properly. Observe carefully the way the transmission shifts at low RPMs.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Throttle Position Sensor

    Known as the vehicle's brain, the engine control unit (ECU) controls ignition timing, fuel delivery, transmission shifting, cruise control, engine torque reduction, and charging output of the alternator. However, the ECU wouldn't be as effective at all these tasks if the throttle position sensor is down. Positioned on the butterfly spindle, the throttle position sensor is tasked to monitor the throttle position, measuring the engine's load, acceleration, deceleration, idle or wide open. The ECU controls the ignition timing and fuel injection timing depending on the throttle's position as well as on the rate of change of such position. Eventually, your factory throttle position sensor will wear out and therefore lose its ability to send proper signals to the ECU. So when this happens, get a replacement right away. Auto Parts Deal is the right store to get your vehicle's next throttle position sensor.

    • Monitors the throttle's positions in the engine

    • Reliably sends sensor signals to the ECU

    • Guarantees easy part installation