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For any sealing problems in your powerhouse, TKU will have a solution for that. Being in the aftermarket manufacturing industry for years, the company is now among the most recommended replacements for virtually all makes and models of automobiles. And they continuously upgrade their technology, as well as the list of their products. From valve seals and filler gaskets, TKU now have hoses for automotive air conditioners. Built to last the extreme conditions under the hood, these products will surely match, even surpass, the service lives of original equipments.

One of the popular product lines from the brand is the TKU valve stem seal. Knowing the heavy-duty functions of this seal to the valve stem's operation, only a reliable substitute, like this one from TKU, is to be trusted. This aftermarket seal is designed as a direct replacement to factory parts, being configured using the standard specifications. What make it different are the high grade materials used to it and the technology used in the process of manufacture. But for best fit, a whole line is made to match every automobile make and model demands.

The same is true to the brand's TKU oil filler cap gasket and TKU a/c hose. These products are designed for easy installation, too. And to encourage every auto owner and fleet manager to do literally own the maintenance of their vehicles, TKU also provides install guides on each product. That way, even the average DIYer can get any of these aftermarket replacements in the place of the factory hassle-free. But more importantly is the cost that will be cut by doing the task right in the garage or the backyard.