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TM Performance is the name to trust when it comes to refined and precisely machined automotive components.

Excellent customer service and untainted reputation for performance automotive products set the TM Performance above the rest.

Want to know the meaning of performance for your vehicle? Try using a TM Performance product and discover wonders.

Meticulous and precise formation and machining are what every TM Performance products undergo to ensure efficiency and longevity.

Towing need not be dull and boring with the wide availability of hitch covers that could simply make over your vehicle's uninteresting hitch. The TM Performance hitch cover is strategically constructed from high impact polystyrene and come in a wide selection of printed designs over vinyl and coated with a polyresin ring. Other types of TM Performance hitch cover includes those molded in metal alloys that resist corrosion and guaranteed durable. The enamel color fill of some TM Performance hitch covers are hardened for all-weather performance. While there are others that are free from rattling, there are TM Performance hitch covers that come with spring steel wire insert for security. Tested for resistance against extreme weather conditions and harmful ultraviolet sun rays, every TM Performance hitch cover is guaranteed never to fade in the near future. TM Performance hitch covers come in a wide array of popular slogans, flags, emblems, organizations, campaigns and statements that can make the hitch appear more attractive and not to mention unique. An inexpensive TM Performance hitch cover could appear very small to you, but just like an appealing person attracts your interest, so would a TM Performance hitch cover make the hitch a whole lot spicier. If you want animals, sports league, popular teams, celebrity icons, lifestyle, religions and occupations for your hitch cover, there would be a TM Performance hitch cover that could shout to the rest of the world how interesting your personality is. Get hold of TM Performance hitch cover now!

More commonly known as the channel receiver hitch ware, the TM Performance channel receiver is the only thing that can complete the hitch set used when towing. When towing, you need not worry about ruining the overall stance and bearing of your vehicle just because of the ugly and boring devices used to attach your vehicle to the object in tow. Connect a trailer and another vehicle to your auto in fantastic style with the use of a TM Performance hitch cover, TM Performance hitch step and TM Performance channel receiver. TM Performance channel receiver is designed to slip perfectly into the hitch to fill the empty space in between. The exposed portion of the TM Performance channel receiver is crafted with major emblems, marque of famous car brands, famous teams, and a myriad of other things that could serve as an attractive custom piece for the hitch. TM Performance channel receivers are made from one hundred percent aircraft quality thick billet aluminum that is tested for performance and durability. Each TM Performance channel receiver comes in a hard two piece design with a cutaway channel. To ensure protection against easy wear and tear and fading, every TM Performance channel receiver is powder coated and comes with a gasket that could keep it from rattling. The good thing about a TM Performance channel receiver is that it needs no maintenance, unlike virtually every other component in your vehicle. Not yet convinced? Get a TM Performance channel receiver for your own.

Constructed from premium grade steel that is unbeatable when it comes to strength and durability, the TM Performance hitch step is one aftermarket auto accessory that is surely worth your investment. Every TM Performance hitch step comes complete with heavy-duty device that keeps it from rattling and is constructed in such a way that you will not find it very hard to install. Reliable hitch pins and an easy storage bag complete every package of the TM Performance hitch step. Whether you want a TM Performance hitch step crafted in polished stainless steel or a TM Performance black chromed powder finish, it is guaranteed to be something of interest to you and to onlookers. High tech TM Performance hitch steps are also available, including those that come with LED lights and sensor steps. Tubular TM Performance hitch steps are also available, if you want to defy the odds of conventional hitch steps. Whichever type you get for a TM Performance hitch step, as long as it is a genuine TM Performance make, you are guaranteed that it will provide you a versatile and sturdy stepping surface to make it easy for you to access the truck or SUV. The TM Performance hitch step provides an all-weather slip-free stepping surface for that round the clock safe step that you can find easy to step inside or outside the truck bed. Step into the truck bed in all style and coolness at such an affordable price for a TM Performance hitch step.