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ake control of your vehicle's suspension with Tokico Shocks. Tokico offers an improved OE-style shocks, high-performance shocks, and adjustable ultra-performance shocks. These Tokico Illumina are made up of a huge upgrade to a stock suspension system. It has precision valving and a high-pressure gas charging that further provides only the ultimate satisfaction to those using it.

Shocks absorb energy on both the bounce and rebound portion of the suspension travel. This helps your wheels to maintain good contact with the road while remaining comfortable at the passenger compartment. It is designed with the special gas-charged twin-tube to provide superior control on your vehicle. It is equipped with special valves that limit fluid flow in the shocks tubes.

Tokico Shocks uses precision engineering to maintain perfect tire contact to keep optimum balance between comfort and control. It does not only restore the margin of safety to your vehicle, it also improves your cornering power for a smooth ride. Tokico's adjustable shocks has extra wide specs for street, racing and auto cross applications.

Tokico Shocks are truly the reliable partner in terms of shock absorbing performances so get your own Tokico Shocks now/

Tokico Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Tokico Shock Absorbers

    Tokico Shocks are made by a company that has been in the business of making shock absorbers and hydraulics for over 50 years. Tokico Shocks have a wide range of performance and are designed to work with original springs or many performance lowering springs. Tokico Shocks give the best performance and ride quality when used with original or Tokico springs. Tokico Shocks have different valving and different internal design features, with a sophisticated piston design and valving curves with a wide enough performance range to ensure there is no advantage in building multiple valving units such as heavy-duty and comfort.
    Tokico Struts provide all the handling and braking benefits of factory struts. Tokico Struts are available as sealed, non-rebuildable stuts or in insert form. Tokico Stuts adjustable models have a dial on top of the strut rods to allow you to tune the exact amount of damping you want your struts to provide. These struts used in place of your factory struts will dramatically improve your handling.
    For the serious enthusiast, try the 5-position adjustable Tokico Illumina Shock Absorber. The adjustment provides you with the ability to set your car up for a variety of uses. Illumina adjustable shocks and struts were designed for tuning street suspensions. The Tokico Illumina Shock Absorber allows you to change your ride or handling balance with a simple click of a screwdriver. The Illumina is excellent for auto cross, drag or other types of racing, but can also be used to compensate for handling imbalances common to certain vehicles. Well-known Mustang tuner Steeda has used Ilumina adjustables very effectively on both their road race and drag race cars. Steeda people have been pleased with their performance and durability.
    Manufactured in Japan with only the highest quality standard, Tokico Shocks and Struts set the industry standard in aftermarket performance struts for lowered or stock height vehicles. Whether for a car, truck or SUV, suspension is designed to allow the tires and wheels to move independently from the chassis. There are a number of major components in the suspension. Each part has a job to do and they must all work together in an effective manner. Change one and it will have an effect on the others. How much of an effect depends upon which part is changed and how large the change is. Make sure that change is for the better and choose Tokico.

  • Choosing the Right Tokico Product, For the Right Job

    Tokico offers improved OE-style shocks, high-performance shocks, and adjustable ultra-performance shocks

    You can adjust your suspension with a screwdriver thanks to new Tokico Illumina adjustable shocks

    Race car performance on a strut-equipped car is as easy as adding a set of Tokico struts to your ride

    With precision valving and high-pressure gas charging, Tokico shocks make a huge upgrade to a stock suspension system

    You know by now that shocks are an essential ingredient when it comes to controlling your vehicle's suspension. All shocks, including Tokico shocks, absorb energy on both the bounce and the rebound portion of the suspension travel, helping your wheels maintain good contact with the road while you remain comfortable in the passenger compartment. All manufacturers build shocks slightly differently, though, and Tokico shocks are designed with a special gas-charged twin-tube design that provides superior control. Inside Tokico shocks are special valves that limit fluid flow in the shock tubes. The technical term for the valves in Tokico shocks is multistage variable-aperature sandwich valves, but the jargon isn't important. What's important is that Tokico shocks utilize precision engineering to maintain exactly the tire contact that needs to occur to keep the optimum balance between comfort and control. This balance is particularly important on ABS-equipped vehicles, where worn shocks can compromise safety. New gas Tokico shocks on your ride can restore that margin of safety as well as improve cornering prowess and ride smoothness. And, unlike certain European shocks, Tokico shocks won't break the bank even though the quality of Tokico shocks is every bit as good.

    Sure, you'd love to get high-performance handling from a new set of shocksproblem is, your car has struts. What's a handling guru to do? Order a set of performance replacement Tokico struts for your ride. Tokico struts provide all the handling and braking benefits that the company's shocks offer, only in a replacement strut form. See, many modern carmakers do away with the upper control arm and ball joint, fitting a compact strut in their place. It's a compromise, but when you fit Tokico struts in place of the factory struts, you can dramatically improve your handling even if it's strut-based. You can get replacement Tokico struts for sealed, non-rebuildable struts, or you can get Tokico struts in insert form if your car has rebuildable struts. For the highest degree of handling prowess, check out adjustable Tokico struts. Using a dial on the top of the strut rods, you can tune the exact amount of damping you want your Tokico struts to provide. Change your Tokico struts for the road course on Saturday morning, then change your Tokico struts back for street comfort on the ride home that evening. It's easy, convenient, and remarkably affordable when you select Tokico struts for your suspension buildup.

    ion. But then the Tokico Illumina goes one step further. An adjustment rod runs through the Tokico Illumina shock or strut body to a small shutter valve that controls oil flow. The other end of the rod pokes through the top of the Tokico Illumina shock or strut rod and contains a dial indicator and screwdriver slot. To change the damping settings on your Tokico Illumina shocks, you simply rotate the adjustment rod one click at a time. There's a tactile detent so you know exactly how far you've adjusted your Tokico Illumina shocks and struts, which is important if you're trying to preserve a certain setup. And that's all that's involved. Tokico Illumina shocks and struts make it incredibly easy to set your car up for the track one day, then change it back to a comfortable interstate setting the next day for the ride home. Endurance isn't affected by the adjustment system, and the Tokico Illumina is already set up for baseline street performance, so you're starting with a high-performance shock before you ever make a single adjustment. Discover the fun of tuning your own vehicle suspension with the Tokico Illumina line of shocks and struts.