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HP Series Struts by Tokico

Tokico HP Series Struts: Quick Facts You Have to Know

Searching for the best struts for your vehicle can be a difficult task with all the various brands and products in the market today. You have to be cautious when choosing which one would fit because you might not be familiar with their names; and rushing to buy a pair of struts immediately can be costly if they malfunction only after a couple of weeks. If you have encountered Tokico HP Series struts for the first time, and know a little information about the brand and its product, here's a guide that can help you out.

What makes them unique: Tokico uses polytetraflouroethylene-coated bushings for the piston rod guide of the struts to minimize the friction inside the component. The pistons are chrome-plated and micro-polished as well to prolong the life of the struts' seal. Aside of this, the pressure tube of the struts is mandrel-drawn two times to ensure that the quality of the struts meets the standards. Tokico also used an oil compounded specifically to resist breakdown and sudden change in viscosity caused by varying temperatures.

Where these struts can be used on: The custom-designed Tokico HP Series struts fit on almost all car makes and models-whether you're driving a muscle car like the Chevy Camaro or a heavy duty truck like the Ford F-350 HD. Installing them can also be a good upgrade for cars that already have lowering springs or those vehicles that have larger and heavier set of wheels.

How to prolong the service life of the Tokico HP Series struts: Some of the common problems usually encountered with faulty struts are excessive swaying and nose diving of the car when you step on the brakes. To prevent this problem from happening, you have to drive only at the suggested speed. You have to realize that driving too fast along a highway with a lot of cars will only force you to step on the brakes more frequently; this will only put more pressure to your Tokico HP Series struts and wear them out faster. You should also avoid driving over potholes because they can also cause damage on the struts because of the impact they receive.

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Tokico HP Series Struts Articles

  • Tokico HP Series Struts: Measuring the Product's Overall Dependability

    Tokico claims a number of benefits its HP Series struts can provide to your vehicle like improvement in steering response, reduced bottoming of the suspension system, and longer service life. These claims are backed by Tokico's technological enhancements that make the HP Series struts worthy of a closer look. To help you decide if the struts are indeed worth your time and money, you can check the ratings of the struts listed below:

    How well do the struts function? (4/5 stars)

    One thing that's noticeable with the Tokico HP Series struts at first is their strength, which may already be considered as stiff by most drivers. However, this is a usual impression on newly installed struts. That's why they should be allowed to settle within a couple days of driving to see the real capability of the components. The struts scored four of five for performance because they were tested on an old Toyota Corolla and they gave the beat-up car a surprisingly smooth ride. The car's handling has improved greatly, and the nose diving of the car that's frequently experienced when stepping on the brakes has lessened.

    Are they easy to install? (4/5 stars)

    The Tokico HP Series struts are easy to install. But of course, you have to be complete with the necessary garage tools like the floor jack, lug wrench, and a socket wrench to perform the job. The struts also come with new strut nuts to ensure that you use the compatible hardware. Just make sure that you follow the correct procedure of installing the components, so you'll have no problems. You should also have your car owner's manual ready just in case you need some directions. The struts earned four out of five stars not only because they're easy to install, but they're also compatible on almost all car makes and models as well.

    Are they worth the price? (4/5 stars)

    For the price tag, the Tokico HP Series struts received four out five stars because it can be purchased individually around $40 to $60. That is already a good deal considering the various benefits the products offer. Not only that, the struts can also be installed from your garage, which is also a huge advantage because it saves a trip to the shop.

    Overall rating: 4/5