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Toyota 4runner Mirror

Fixing Some Issues on Your Toyota 4Runner Mirror

The ever-changing weather, rough road conditions, and daily driving circumstances can be harsh on your Toyota 4Runner mirror. Built to help you see blind spots and tailgating vehicles more efficiently, your SUV mirror wears out relatively faster than other automobile parts do. When damaged, the mirror would no longer be able to give you a clear visual of the road behind you. You're in for a little bit of troubleshooting if you notice any of the issues below in your Toyota 4Runner mirror:

Water spots

Washing your vehicle regularly may rid it off the nasty dirt and debris from daily driving. However, the water that you use contains mineral deposits that create unsightly spots on the mirror's surface. The water spots look like white, rounded dirt that won't come off even if you rub the mirror's surface with a cloth. What you need is a good automotive window cleaner and microfiber cloth in removing the stubborn spots. If the specks cannot be removed by simple wiping, use white vinegar and a steel wool pad to scrub gently the spots off the mirror.


Scratches on the mirror's surface may not be as severe as an engine malfunction, but it's something that you still need to fix. The scratches can obscure your vision of the road. Moreover, they also look unsightly. Applying non-whitening toothpaste or jeweler's rouge usually helps in reducing the appearance of mirror scratches. You can also use a buffer to even out the mirror's surface. However, deeper and larger nicks may require a mirror replacement.

Retracting failure

Power mirrors are great for drivers who don't want to be bothered adjusting their automotive mirrors from the outside. However, power mirrors are known to have some problems, and one of those is a retracting issue. The hitch could be due to a loose wiring or a blown fuse. To check if there's any loose connector, you need to remove the mirror bolts from the inner-door panel. If you find any loose connection, take it off and securely attach it back to the assembly. If it's a fuse problem, replace the one that's damaged. However, if none of those things helps, the issue might be with the mirrors, which need to be replaced.

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  • Simple Tips to Keep Your Toyota 4Runner Mirror in Top Shape

    Your Toyota 4Runner mirror deserves the same kind of care you give to the rest of your vehicle. Driving with dirty or broken down mirror hampers your visibility of the road behind you. Moreover, it looks unattractive to look at. Below are some cleaning tips to restore the clarity of your automotive mirrors:

    Use gentle automotive glass cleaner on the mirrors.

    Auto glass cleaners usually contain harsh chemicals that could damage the mirrors' surface. Before purchasing a commercial cleaner for your mirrors, check first the ingredients. Anything that contains ammonia or alcohol should be avoided at all costs-those components can trigger a chemical reaction on your SUV's mirrors, making them brittle. The backing could peel off, leaving you with unsightly marks across the mirrors' surface. You can actually save money from purchasing cleaning products by using staples from your kitchen. Vinegar mixed with water works well in cleaning the mirror's surface and in removing stubborn water spots.

    Do a regular visual inspection for scratches and water spots.

    Your SUV's automotive mirrors are constantly exposed to various environmental elements. Rock chips and other sharp objects on the road could nick the mirrors' surface and cause nasty scratches. Additionally, rainwater could leave traces of minerals on the mirrors-this creates the annoying water spots, which are often difficult to remove even with regular cleaning.

    Check the electrical connections in the assembly.

    The electrical wirings are essential to keeping your power mirrors in working condition. When one of these wirings has become loose, your mirrors might not retract or heat up properly. Always check the connections if they are intact. If any of the wirings has become loose, reconnect the wiring securely.

    Don't forget to clean the crannies of the mirror assembly.

    You might not notice it right away while cleaning your vehicle, but dirt accumulates in the recesses of a mirror assembly. When dirt builds up on the crannies, you might have a difficult time adjusting your mirrors. This is true for both manually operated and power mirrors. To remove stuck-on dirt, use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the dirt off gently.